Are those the sounds of acorns falling on my garage roof? In mid-August?

Until this morning, I was enjoying this unseasonably cooler weather.

I love the autumn – warm-but-not-hot weather, football, tail-gate parties, the foliage, light sweaters, etc.

But I like my autumns in autumns. Not in mid-August.

So you can imagine my surprise, and alarm, when I was on my outside back deck this morning, drinking a cup of coffee and surveying the recent scene of one of the most historic moments in Sudbury history.

Then I heard it.  … Plunk. … Then another. … Plunk. … I looked up, looked down, then noticed acorns on the ground, after falling from an overhanging tree and bouncing off my garage roof.

I thought, “Where’s global warming when you need it?”

Hey, I don’t like global warming. I’m also not a global-warming denier, though I’m certainly no fan of many of the world-is-ending/we’re-all-doomed proposals to fight global warming.

But, yikes, I still like my summers, and I really didn’t like seeing acorns falling on, from and around my garage in the middle of August.

Maybe it’s normal for acorns to start falling this time of year. Maybe I just didn’t notice them before.

But I did notice the acorns this year and this morning in particular – and I’ve also noticed the cool weather of late and can’t help but associate the falling acorns with that cooler weather.

So I say: I want my global warming back! Right now. For only a few more weeks.

After that, let the acorns fall where and when they may.

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